Traveling for Work as a Mom


While mother’s aren’t usually the only ones taking care of the children, they are usually (but not always) the ones who drive the carpools, pack the lunches, and pick out outfits. When it comes time for a working mother to travel for work, it might be a little stressful trying to ensure that the house stays running the way it does when she is home. This piece of mind comes differently to all traveling working mothers. Dealing with traveling for work comes even harder to single mothers. The care of their children is in the hands of a sitter, relative or friend. Moreover, the child’s schedule might get completely messed up not having their sole caretaker around. Figuring out the child’s daily routine might be difficult for a caretaker who isn’t used to it. There are many tactics that traveling working moms use in order to help make their time away easier for the ones left at home. Printing out important information for caretaker   Printing an itinerary of your kids schedule for whoever is taking care of them is extremely helpful. Having a detailed schedule of where they need to be at what time and what the child needs to have with them can make the process much easier, especially for someone who doesn’t take care of the children often. Writing down a contact list can also help, especially in case of emergencies. Having numbers for places such as the doctor’s office, an emergency contact, the school, your office and the hotel you’re staying at can come in handy. Moreover, it will give the caretaker a piece of mind knowing that they know exactly how they can contact certain people in specific situations. Another helpful thing to write down is a meal plan. Write down what they should have for dinner and ensure that the ingredients are in the house before you leave. You could also go the extra step and pre-make meals for them. Getting rid of unnecessary things in the daily schedule A great way to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible is by making sure that the caretaker isn’t taking care of unnecessary things. For example, it might be extremely helpful to cancel unnecessary playdates. Moreover, utilizing a grocery delivery service, if necessary, and ordering drug store supplied online, can save the caretaker time in unnecessary errands. While doing these things might be really helpful, it’s important to let the caretaker decide what they can manage doing. You shouldn’t try and run your household from the road. It is a nice break for you and a time for you to focus on your work. The caretaker is there to help you and you should let them do their job. Keep the entire family in the loop Many mothers have found it helpful to have their kids be a part of the team. By filling them in on information, like where you will be traveling to and staying, they feel more comfortable with you leaving. Additionally, you can ask them to help you out by asking them to do some of the things around the house that you might normally do, like take out the garbage or clean dishes. Doing so will make them feel helpful while you are away. Another way to keep the family in the loop is by managing their expectations before you leave. Make sure that you tell them that things might not run as smoothly as they expect but that everyone will do their best to try and make everything run well. Technology Today’s technology really helps traveling working mothers. Video calls allow children to see you in your hotel room and give them a sense of comfort to know that you are safe and to be able to visualize where you are. Facebook, text messaging, e-mails and calls are all something that you can easily do while on the go. Communicating has never been so easy. Being able to be in communication with your family however often you’d like is comforting to you as well as them. But just remember not to try and run your household from the road! No matter how many tips you read about how to make traveling for work as a mom less difficult, nothing can make it perfectly easy. Nevertheless, you have to remember that leaving your children is normal. You are allowed time away from them and this time away can be extremely healthy. Remember that you are traveling for a reason and to make the most of your time away!