Why Working Moms are Happier Than Stay-at-Home Moms


Recently, there have been many studies that give proof why working moms are happier and healthier than stay-at-home moms. These studies are great because they prove to everyone that working moms really can have it all!

Health benefits

Researchers from the University of Akron and Penn State University found that “mothers who go back to work within weeks of giving birth had more energy, mobility, and less depression by age 40 than those who spend months or years at home.” Additionally, a Gallup Study found that working mothers were less likely to experience stress, worry, anger, and sadness than those mothers staying at home. Specifically, twenty-eight percent of at-home moms described themselves as being depressed, compared with seventeen percent of employed moms. A final health benefit that recent studies have found is that “housewives” are more likely to be obese (thirty-eight percent) than were those who juggled children, a steady relationship and a paycheck (twenty-three percent).

Monetary control

Having a job means that you won’t have to rely solely on your spouse for income. Mothers who make their own money often feel more confident that they have a right to make financial decisions for their family. Moreover, having your own money to spend how you please won’t make you feel bad about spending someone else’s money.

You can form stronger social bonds

Even though as a mother you are constantly surrounded by your kids and family, it’s important to make connections outside of your family so that you don’t feel very lonely and isolated. It’s always difficult finding time for your friends after taking care of your children all day long. Having a job and being able to socialize with other adults at work allows you to maintain adult social connections. For some moms, as much as they love their kids, this is incredibly important for their sanity.

You won’t lose yourself

As much as some moms don’t like to admit this, they are not just a mom. You have other identities as well. Unfortunately, it often happens that after a women becomes a mother she loses her own personal identity. Working full time allows you to maintain your own separate identity apart from that of a mother.

You become a role model for your kids

Having a working mother to look up to sets the bar for a great work ethic for your kids. Additionally, it teaches your kids the values of prioritizing, decision-making and sacrifice. Children with full-time working moms learn the value of hard work and that it can be extremely rewarding.