Apps for Working Moms


A working mom’s life isn’t easy. From balancing work to family life to a personal life and everything in between, things can get complicated and forgotten. That’s where technology comes in. If you are a working mother, or even a stay-at-home mother, and don’t have these apps then you are doing yourself a disservice. Download these apps to make your life easier, save time and be more organized so that you can have more time to spend with your family and focus on your career.


This note taking app allows you to easily organize and archive everything that you write down. Not only can you type out notes but you can also include images, a full webpage, a webpage excerpt, a voice memo or a handwritten “ink” note in your notes. You can even have attachments on your notes. When it comes to organizing your notes you can add them to notebooks, which is a collection of notes, tag them, annotate them, comment on them, search for a specific note and even download notebooks or specific notes directly to your phone. This app makes organizing everything that you need and want to remember extremely easy and allows you to keep everything in one place.

Google Drive

Google Drive makes sure that you never lose something or run out of memory on your phone or computer again. All you have to do is ensure that your photos, contacts, videos, notes, etc. back up to the cloud and then you can have easy access to all of it, wherever you are.

Grocery Gadget Shopping List

While this app does cost $3.99, it’s worth every penny. On this app you are able to create multiple shopping lists for different stores. You can match coupons to the items that are on your list and even compare prices across different stores so you don’t end up paying more than you should and you know where to go, without having to do a bunch of research or run back and forth between stores. This app really helps you save time and money. There is also a helpful sync feature that allows you to share your lists with anyone who has the app so you can make sure that whoever is doing the shopping knows exactly what to get.


Mint is a personal finance service. The app shows you all of your accounts- checking, saving, credit and investments- and automatically tracks and categorizes all of your transactions. You can choose your categories, such as food, rent and clothing, depending on where you spend most of your money. Mint is a very handy app to have as it helps ensure that you maintain your monthly budget.


Imagine that you’re reading something and you’re really interested in it but don’t have time to read it at the moment. Don’t worry about forgetting where you found this interesting article any more. Pocket allows you to save links to read for later. You can use it on your computer’s browser, your phone’s browser and even on Twitter.