Housekeeping Tips For Working Moms

Knowing that you have to go home after work to cook, clean, do everything for the children and get yourself settled for the night can be extremely overwhelming. It may seem like this is too much to accomplish all in one night and still be able to have time for yourself and be able to get some sleep. It may seem like this because it is true. So don’t do this. Follow these tips to help make your life easier and keep your house cleaner.

Pick one day a week to do a major cleaning

Instead of coming home and having cleaning be part of your nightly routine, pick one day a week to do a major cleaning. Sunday is usually great for this because most families spend Sunday relaxing and spending time at home. It’s the perfect time to get the entire family involved in cleaning so that it doesn’t all fall directly on you and it doesn’t make it as overwhelming.

Do one load of laundry each day

Laundry doesn’t have to be this daunting thing that you should dread doing. Rather, it’s something that can just be a part of your daily routine that won’t take up much time. Before you leave for work throw a load in the washing machine. When you get home dry and fold the clothes. This breaks up the time that you’re doing the laundry and doesn’t make it seem as much as a time sucker.


What is more important to you: cooking, cleaning, laundry, spending time with your family, sleep, or driving your kids around to their activities? These are just a few of the many things that families have to do. However, you really can’t do it all. That’s where prioritizing comes in. What is most important to you? Since not everything can get done you have to decide what’s most important to get done when. If you don’t then it’s likely that nothing will get done.

Meal prepping

Many people who are trying to be healthy have found that meal prepping is one of the best ways to do so. While it does help you eat healthier, it also can help you save time during your week. On Sunday spend some time, whether is alone, with your husband or with your entire family, cooking meals for the rest of the week. There are many different recipes out there to follow. You can switch up what you’re eating every day without having to buy so many different things, too. While meal prepping does take up some time on one day of the week, you save a significantly amount of time every other day. Check out some recipes here and here.

Another great idea for cooking is to buy, and use, a crockpot. The beauty of a crockpot is that you can throw all of the ingredients into the pot in the morning before work and come back to a hot, delicious and already prepared dinner! Check out some recipes here.

Live by these 7 rules:

  1. “Put it away, don’t put it down.”
  2. “A place for everything and everything in its place.”
  3. “A clean house is easier to clean than a messy house.”
  4. “Kids need chores appropriate for their age.”
  5. “Plan, plan, plan – and make a list!”
  6. “Create a routine and stick to it.”
  7. “Don’t wait till the last minute to start a chore. Do it ahead of time.”