Solo Traveling Tips for Women

Traveling solo as a woman is one of the most rewarding experiences a person can undertake. There’s nothing like visiting a new place entirely by yourself, with only your desires, fears, and aspirations to motivate you.

A solo travelling adventure for a woman does bring on some requisites that must be followed to make the journey a lot efficient. If some points based on this are to be enlisted then we can very well start from perspectives like;

Do your research.

Before you head out to any unknown adventure alone, get a sense of where you’re going by doing some research on the place ahead of time. Go to travel websites to read testimonials from people who have actually visited the place and will be able to give insider tips and knowledge. This especially goes for finding a place to stay — if you’re going to be using a service like Airbnb, only go to places that have numerous, positive reviews and avoid ones with only a few.

Get travel insurance.

This tip isn’t exclusive to solo women travelers, but it’s important enough that it should be included on every list of traveling tips. Travel insurance will cover you for everything from medical emergencies abroad to flight mishaps, lost baggage, and so much more.

Check in often.

You don’t want to be bogged down your whole entire trip with worries of abduction or horrible things happening to you, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take necessary precautions. Consider using social media to track your progress, or touch base with somebody back home. Having someone at home that you keep updated about where you’re going is a good idea for any solo traveler — just think of Aron Ralston!

Trust your instincts.

If you’re in a strange area or staying in a strange place, and your gut starts to tell you something is wrong, pay attention. Traveling can be a great experience that pushes the boundaries of your comfortability, but if you feel as though you’re in danger, no amount of adventure will be worth ignoring that feeling. Listen to your instincts and trust your intuition.