Are You Being Held to a Double Standard?

Women run only 4% of companies in the Fortune 500. Twice as many women as men have been turned down from a job because of their sex.

Lori Cornmesser Ixia

Women are perceived in a negative way in the workplace. Female workings are seen to be “too strong” or pushy. Behaving in a dominant way is the way to get ahead in a career, however women are not expected to act that way. Because of this, they come off as arrogant and over-selling.

Society has placed rules on how women are supposed to act, dress, and think. However, women these days are taking jobs that are classically accepted for men, such as, meter reading, construction, and other handy jobs. Women in these roles believe they can do any job that a man can do with the same performance, according to will and physical means.

One woman in a professional environment said, “Even in this day and age, a guy barks out an order and he is treated like someone who is in charge and a leader. But when a woman communicates in the exact same way, she’s immediately labeled assertive, dominating, aggressive and overbearing.”

Today, women make up almost half of the workforce in America. On average women still make 77% of what men make, even in the same role.You think that now women can relax and not worry about their perception at the office – however this is simply just not the case.

Ladies, take risks and assert your leadership. If you see something that’s wrong, take a stand and make sure it is corrected. Acknowledge your team member’s hard work and then ask for what needs to be done.

The key to bridging this period of growth is to exercise new ways to communicate with a wide range of people at work. The ultimate goal is to deliver your message without pissing anyone off.