The Gender Equality Battle: Any Closer to Closing the Gap?

Lori CornmesserGender equality in the workplace has been a topic of discussion for some time now, and we have seen many more individuals working hard to bridge that gap.  A recent article seems to think the closing of that gender gap is closer than we may have anticipated.  In the past year, statistics have shown that women in the 25-34 age range were making 93% of what their male counterparts of the same age range were earning.

In this same study, 15% of women said they had faced gender discrimination in their workplace- a number that, we hope will one day be 0%, but is lower than it has been in the past.  There was also the finding that men and women were just as likely to ask their bosses for a promotion or raise.

While these steps forward in creating gender-equal workplaces are great to see, there still remains a lot that needs to be worked on in order to see this goal solidified.  Seventy-five percent of young women agree with this notion that more change is necessary to achieve equality.  The article notes that roughly 3 in 5 women have expressed the ease at which men achieve top jobs in government and business areas business as opposed to females.  Similarly, almost two-thirds of this group worry about having children in the future, in that it may hinder their progress within their work environment.

The future seems bright for these Millennials- but will it remain that way?  Past studies have shown that younger women, (20-30 range), made 85% as much as males in that age range, while these same group of women in the study made 76% as much as their male counterparts when they reached ages 40-50.  We can only hope that these Millennials will not start to slow down in their bridging of the gender gap.  With all the progress that has been made over the years, it seems to be indicative of only more forward motion for this cause.