Millennials & Parenting

Twenty years ago, the last things we were thinking about is our children growing up and having kids themselves. We didn’t worry about sustainable energy or even imagine online communities and communication. Our parenting skills were simple. However, those parenting skills have shifted greatly, but have also been passed down to the millennials. Here’s a look at some ways millennials are changing parenting.


The use of technology has allowed millennials to establish communities based around parenting. In today’s world and society, time, distance, and travel makes it very hard to get answers fast without the use of technology. Technology and social media platforms allow parents to get advice, help, and quick answers online. It also establishes a community of support. Millennial parents are able to learn and grow from one another, all with the use of a phone or computer.

Technology also allows children to develop learning skills at a younger age through the use of interactive learning apps and games. For millennial parents, education is very important when it comes to their children. Through the use of technology, children and parents are also able to interact with distant relatives and family. This allows Millennial parents that live farther away from their relatives to interact at more frequent times.

Urban Living

Back in the day, the typical American Dream family picture included a suburban house with a green lawn and white picket fence. Today however, the American Dream has changed entirely. Millennials are staying in urban areas, enjoying their ease of access to restaurants, family activity centers, and overall community interaction. Millennials also grew up in a time where technology and the economy have taken a turn several times, therefore learning how to work hard and deal with the hardships. As many reports show, millennials don’t like to spend money more than they have to, therefore it is cheaper to live in most urban settings. This also allows them to teach their children that less is actually more, just as they learned while growing up. Living in urban settings allows millennials to save money, while also helping contribute to growing communities and establishments.

Health & Stewardship

Millennials focus a lot of their time and money on doing what’s write for the environment and their overall health. Millennials are the largest group of people who are focusing to fight climate change. Taking these steps to healthier life styles will allow their children to learn and grow the hardships and downturns the environment has taken. As the life expectancy continues to grow, the environment must continue to get cleaner. Millennials are the largest spender of sustainable energy and food products for a healthier environment to live in.


Millennial parents are changing the norms. For example, The Atlantic reported a study that 57% of people aged 26-31 were having kids outside of marriage. Millennials don’t see marriage as a priority to have a family anymore. Another thing is raising their children as gender neutral. More and more parents are forgetting gender colors and toys and raising their children to be gender neutral. For example, who says ever said that Barbie was only for girls? Or that girls can’t skateboard? Millennial parents are changing the societal stereotypes to become a more accepting overall community.