Top Global Places to Travel with Children

Don’t Put the Passports Away Because Your Family is Growing

Young couples are encouraged to travel the world before starting a family, with claims of the experiences become harder to enjoy with children in tow. By no means should the excitement of traveling to a new location come to halt once a family begins to grow. If your family is wanderlust, here are 7 locations around the world, suitable to entertain everyone!

  1. Costa Rica

Not only will the beauty of this country take everyone’s breath away, but the opportunity for adventure will create lifelong memories. Throughout the country, locals encourage visitors to embrace the “Pura Vida” lifestyle, translated to “pure life.” As seen in the natural roads, rainforests, and beaches, Costa Ricans have maintained a “pure life” for the world to enjoy. With endless outdoor activities, including; zip lining, whitewater rafting, and volcano hiking, families with children of all ages can be sure that fun is on the way!

  1. South Africa

Travel with Kids names South Africa their second most recommended destination for young families wanting to explore the world. From traditional African excursions, of elephant rides and safari trips, to engaging in modern city living, South Africa gives travelers a wide range of endeavors to choose from. A great deal of history can be found in the heart of South Africa’s heritage, with the likes of the Nelson Mandela story and the towns of Johannesburg and Capetown.

  1. United Kingdom

A country the size of Alabama, the UK has an immense itinerary for those traveling with children. With the ability to easily travel city to city via train or car (if you’re adventurous enough to try the left side of the road), the possibilities are endless! An obligatory stop in London for tea with the Queen can be made, but other must-dos include; catching a high energy soccer match, Harry Potter studio tours, and drives around the British countryside taking in the gorgeous views.

  1. Vietnam

Another country which is easily traveled through entirety by train creates an explosion of color and culture for all to immerse in. Once arriving in Vietnam, all accommodations and trip enhancements (food, excursions, clothing, etc.) are easy on the bank account. With a rapidly growing urban capital of Saigon and miles of beaches in Nha Trang, the exploration options are limitless. A warm climate year round makes Vietnam an ideal trip in the harsh winter months!

  1. Iceland

Having gained a great deal of tourism and attraction over the past few years, Iceland is quickly becoming a favorite destination for people are around the world.  Their famous thermal hot springs have developed into extremely kid-friendly tourist stops, featuring slides and children specific pools according to Escape Here. Known as one of the safest cities in the world, Reykjavik, Iceland residents have even been known to leave their children in strollers outsides of stores while they venture in for some shopping.

  1. Turks and Caicos

Those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life can count on this cluster of Caribbean islands to help unwind. With a variety of all-inclusive resorts to choose from, parents have the options to give their children (and themselves) freedom, by sending them to the resort’s “kid’s club”, packed with all day action and adventure. Many of the island’s resorts include a wide range of on-site excursions and food options, giving any vacation a fully booked schedule.

  1. U.S. National Parks

For those who aren’t frequent flyers or don’t want to mess around with foreign currency, a road trip around the beautiful U.S. National Parks still gives families photo opportunities and memories to last a lifetime. Fortunately, some of the greatest wonders of our country can be traveled between in a day or so by car. A family with children of various ages, could easily hop in a minivan, or rent an RV to drive to see Yellowstone, the Grand Canyon, Grand Tetons, and Yosemite, over the course of a week. Not only will the photos from these wonders be a forever keepsake, but also can include action-packed activities such as hiking, kayaking, and even helicopter rides around the parks!


Things to Pack When Traveling with Children

Traveling is one of the single most liberating and fulfilling things that you can do with your time, but traveling with children presents a whole host of obstacles that you need to take into consideration. When you’re traveling with adults, in most cases everyone is able to fend for themselves, but bringing your children into the picture means you’re responsible for both your own wellbeing as well as theirs. Make things easier for yourself and your family by packing these essentials every time you’re traveling with your children.

  • Infants/Toddlers
    • Formula/breast pumps
      • Unlike adults on vacation, gas station snacks and fast food just won’t cut it when it comes to feeding your baby. Babies need to eat, and they need to eat often, so you need to be prepared for trips that are going to take longer than an hour or two.
    • Diapers
      • You need to stop regularly for bathroom breaks when traveling, and your toddler does, too. That’s why it’s super important to remember to bring extra diapers along with you when you’re on the go; think if you were stuck on an airport runway for several hours stuck sitting in a dirty diaper!
    • Pacifiers
      • Babies can be fussy, so make life easier for yourself and everyone around you by bringing a pacifier and a spare with you whenever you travel. They’re small and easy to transport, and they can save you a lot of hassle in the long run.
  • Children
    • Books
      • If your children are budding bookworms, reading is a great way to keep them occupied and content during long trips. In preparation for your journey, take them to the bookstore and have them pick out a few books that interest them and save them for the trip.
    • Spare clothing
      • Parents, it’s no secret that kids can get dirty, so stay ahead of the mess by being prepared with an extra set of clothing. This is especially applicable if you’re traveling for multiple days; make sure you have enough spare outfits that your child will have clothing for the whole trip.
  • Everyone
    • Pillows/blankets
      • Whether you’re traveling by train, plane, bus, or car, if you’re not the one navigating you can sit back and relax, so make sure you’re packed for it! Bring your children’s favorite pillows and blankets for them to nap with on the journey to help pass the time.

U.S. Travel Destinations for 2017

International travel is great, but the price tag that comes along with it can be a bit exorbitant. International airfare isn’t cheap, and with all of the precautions and preparations you need to take, it can be a bit overwhelming on top of expensive. This year, instead of visiting a different country, why not explore some of the sites and areas right here in the United States that you’ve probably never seen in person. Make your travel goals for 2017 to be exploring your own backyard, and plan a trip to see (at least) one of these amazing destinations this year!

  • Asheville, North Carolina
    • This small Southern city tops Lonely Planet’s list of US destinations to see in 2017, and for good reason. This charming destination is located in the southeast corner of the Appalachian Mountains, making it a prime location to bring together old traditions and modern advancements. Its River Arts District is an artist haven, and the city sports quite the local foodie and microbrewery scene.
  • Jackson Hole, Wyoming
    • If seeing a total solar eclipse in person is something you’ve got on your bucket list, then start making plans to travel out West this August. For the first time in nearly 40 years, there will be a solar eclipse that can be seen within the continental United States; it will follow a trajectory from the Northwestern U.S. to the Southeastern U.S. with Jackson Hole being the prime location to see it unobstructed and out in nature.
  • Denver, Colorado
    • If you’re a skier, there’s still a few weeks left to take advantage of Denver’s Amtrak Winter Park Express rail service that runs between Denver and Winter Park, dropping Denver tourists off right at the ski slopes. This particular path of travel was opened in 1940 and ran until it was shut down in 2009; it was reopened this year and is running between January 7 and March 26.
  • Lincoln, Nebraska
    • Before visiting this state capitol city, you first have to abandon all of your preconceived notions about the midwest. Lincoln is a thriving college town that boasts eclectic galleries and unique boutiques. Its food culture is also on the rise with notable restaurants like Bread & Cup and Zipline Brewing Co. offering patrons a refreshingly new twist on nightlife and dining.

This beautiful country has so much to offer and so many untapped treasures of which I’ve only highlighted a few. Make it a goal this year to expand your horizons and visit new and exciting places right here in America.

Where to Travel in 2017

In the heart of winter when the weather’s the coldest, many people like to distract themselves with plans for trips to warmer places once the spring and summer come around. There’s a whole great big world out there to see, so how do you decide where it is you’re going to travel? As 2016 winds down and we look forward into 2017, here are some of the best places to look at planning vacations for in the summer of 2017.

Moscow, Russia

While global tensions running quite high and even though the visa restrictions are rigid, Moscow is a beautiful place to visit. The 860-year-old metropolis is home to the iconic and colorful St. Basil’s Cathedral and Red Square, and will be the future host of both the Confederations Cup and the FIFA World Cup in 2017 and 2018, respectively.


When you think “summer” you probably don’t immediately think “Amsterdam,” but there’s no reason to knock it till you’ve tried it! The best time of year to visit Amsterdam has always been the summer, so why not try something new and exciting and head overseas to check it out? Even if you’re stuck with a day of bad weather, you can always visit the Van Gogh Museum, the Anne Frank house, or the Gothic-renaissance stylings of Oude Kerk.


As the friendliest country in the world turns 150, why not celebrate along with it by paying it a visit! A gigantic nation, there are countless sites to see within its borders; Niagara Falls is a must-see tourist hotspot, Quebec is a beautiful Canadian province, and the Canadian Rockies are a lovely sight for any and all nature lovers.


For 54 years from 1961-2015, any existing ties between the United States and Cuba were severed, including trade and travel. However, since diplomatic relations were restored in July of 2015, travel is available to the Caribbean country for the first time in decades. Since trade was nonexistent between the two countries for so many decades, strolling down the streets of Havana feels like a step back in time to the 1950s as you’re surrounded by people driving cars from that time.

5 Holiday Travel Tips

If the holidays are synonymous with anything other than spending time with relatives, it’s the travel required to to physically get to said loved ones. Whether you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s, save yourself some stress and get prepared with these holiday travel tips for a relaxing break.


1. Avoid the busiest travel days.

A huge way you can cut down on the stress of holiday traveling is by avoiding the busiest travel days — that is, the day or days when most people are in transit for a specific holiday. For Thanksgiving, the busiest day to travel is November 25th, December 2rd is the busiest travel day for Christmas, and December 30th is the most popular travel day for New Year’s festivities. On the flip side, the best days to travel for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are November 30th, December 27th, and January 1st, respectively. If your plans are flexible, you can also consider flying on the actual holidays since most people don’t travel on the holiday itself.


2. Get your tickets early.

While the ‘3:00pm on a Tuesday two weeks before your flight’ rule works for most of the year as the cheapest time to buy tickets, when it comes to holiday travel, there’s no better way to save yourself some money than by booking your flight early. Some airlines even offer to compensate you if you buy your ticket early and the price later drops.


3. Don’t fly midday.

For less congested flights, try booking your flight either really early or really late in the day. Look at it this way: you don’t want to be traveling during the times that everyone else wants to be traveling. While traveling midday might be convenient scheduling wise, if you want to avoid crowds — and a higher chance of delays — book your flights for early morning or late at night when there are less people and a lesser chance that your flight will be pushed back.


4. Have everything ready the night before.

Aside from your toothbrush and whatever else you need to get ready in the morning, have everything you need to take with you packed and ready to go the night before you depart. There’s nothing worse than the panic you feel when you’re running late and can’t find your phone/wallet/keys, so by having everything you need all together can help cut down on last-minute stress. You’ll also want to make sure you have a full tank of gas (or at least plenty to get you to the airport) the night before to limit the amount of stops you need to make in the morning when you set out.


5. Take some deep breaths.

Even if you travel on one of the less busy days, traveling during such a popular time of year is bound to come with some setbacks and obstacles. Keep reminding yourself that ‘you can’t control the situation, you can only control how you respond’ to keep your head and stay calm under frustrating and inconvenient circumstances.