Three Simple Ways to Stay Fit When Traveling

Three Simple Ways to Stay Fit When Traveling

Do you love traveling as much as I do? Whether I’m traveling for work or with my family, I’m always excited to pack my suitcase and explore a new city. What could be better than dining at new restaurants, sampling local cuisine, and taking in the culture of a new place?

But with all of the excitement of traveling, fitness can easily slip far from your mind! With the right preparation, you can make the most of your trip. Take a look at the following tips that I carry with me along my many travels.


  1. Walk Everywhere!

When traveling to a new city or beach escape, take advantage of the new sights by touring the city on foot. Not only will you stumble upon cute cafes and delicious eateries, you’ll also end each day with added mileage under your belt.

While walking everywhere may be challenging when traveling with small children, strollers and bikes can help your little ones manage the commute with more ease.


  1. Dine wisely.

Yes, it’s tempting to indulge on vacation, but it’s also easy (and advisable) to dial back, ever so slightly. I like to order entrees that feature lots of vegetables, fewer carbs, and protein that I’ll enjoy. While stricter diets may restrict specific foods, by sticking to whole foods, you’ll be enjoying and fueling your body with care.


  1. Pack your mat!

As an avid practitioner of yoga, it’s so simple to add my mat to the car before heading out on our family vacation. While exercising on vacation may be the last thing on your mind, try incorporating your daily fitness routine in your vacation schedule. Not only will you benefit from the added energy, you’ll also find it far easier to return to your practice after your trip.

Try waking up 20 minutes earlier than your family to squeeze in a little mat time. Relish in the quietness of the morning while you carry out your favorite toning sequences.


Traveling is one of the most enjoyable activities and with the right mindset, you can explore, dine, and remain in tip-top shape with minimal effort.

Why Walking Is A Great Form of Exercise

Are you looking for an easy way to get your daily exercise? Walking is gentle on your body and provides a fun, low-impact activity. Another great thing about walking is that you do not have to buy special equipment or memberships. It is free! Here are some other reasons why you might consider walking as a daily exercise regimen:

Walking Strengthens Your Cardiovascular System

If you walk regularly, you can reduce your chances of cardiovascular disease and stroke, says an article from Not only is it an ideal cardio workout, but it can also increase your level of good cholesterol and bring down your bad cholesterol numbers. Even if you take a brisk walk for a half-hour a day, you can enjoy your neighborhood scenery and perhaps lower your blood pressure.

Walking Can Lower The Risks Of Certain Diseases

There are many studies concerning the benefits of walking to ward off diseases. A study from the University of Michigan Extension found evidence that daily walking may prevent diabetes and obesity. This study also noted positive correlations between walking and reducing the risks of heart disease, joint pain, depression, and even some forms of cancer.

Walking Can Help Your Weight Loss

The number of calories burned while walking depends on your weight and how fast you are walking, explains an article from If you weigh about 200 pounds, says the source, you may burn up as many as 100 calories in 30 minutes. When you do it every day, you can see results on the scales.

Walking Can Tone Your Whole Body

What better exercise can you devise that can be so simple, yet benefit the whole body? Walking is especially good for toning the muscles in the legs, hips, and buttocks. When you add an incline by walking uphill, the resistance is even better for your muscles. Your abdomen and waste will also see benefits from daily walking.

Walking Benefits Your Daily Vitamin D Intake

An article from warns that nearly 75% of teens and adults have a serious Vitamin D deficiency. This crucial vitamin affects our immune system and bone health. The best way to get Vitamin D is from the sunshine. If you are outdoors on a walking excursion every day, you will get plenty of exercise and a good dose of Vitamin D.

Walking Energizes Your Body

We can all use some more energy throughout the day. A brisk walk is one of the best ways to get it. Walking increases your breathing and oxygen flow, as well as your circulation. Every cell in your body benefits from more oxygen and blood nutrients. After you walk, you may feel more energized and alert. If you suffer from an energy slump in the afternoon, walking may be the best thing to fight it.

Walking Is A Natural Mood Enhancer

If your mood could use a little boost, try taking a brisk walk. It encourages your brain to release endorphins that minimize anxiety and stress. Walking is an effective tool to reduce depression, says an article from WebMD. A stroll through the park can do wonders for creating positive mental health.