Squash Your Working Mum Guilt with These 5 Points

Squash Your Working Mom Guilt with These 5 Points

Being a working woman and a mom is never easy. Deciding to be a working woman comes clouded with guilt and with time, you begin wondering if the decision you made was practical and not selfish. Most mothers worry about missing their children’s milestones, ensuring the safety of their kids, giving food on time, or missing an emotional connection with their children.

Furthermore, working moms have to deal with long working hours, terrible bosses, and deadlines that have to be met. All these can drive you on a guilt trip. However, the good news is that you don’t have to beat yourself about it.

Here are some five points to help you squash your working mum guilt.

  1. Plan Ahead

It’s easy to wake up and get caught up in the daily routine of waking the kids up, prepping breakfast for everybody, packing lunch, and ensuring that everybody is up and ready. By the time you’re leaving the house, everything seems messy, and you can’t seem to fully concentrate at work.

The best way to prevent this stress is to plan. Ensure that everything is prepared the night before including what you intend to make for breakfast and the uniform your kids need to wear. With time, you’ll notice how positive and energized you are for the day.

  1. Take Time Out to Spend with Your Children

Life sometimes gets so busy such that we forget that children are a priority, Take an off and spend the day with your children to get rid of mommy guilt. A break will help you reconnect with your children’ personality, appetite, and daily schedules.

  1. Set Realistic Expectations

It’s practically impossible to take part in every activity your children are involved in. It’s easy to beat yourself up about things you should have done but simply didn’t have time. Nonetheless, remember that you are a human being and you can’t physically do it all. Set realistic expectations for your role and allow for real life to happen.

  1. Remember that Challenges will always be Present

When you’re debating on whether to work or stay at home with the kids, remember that every role has its challenges. Stay at home moms find it difficult to get time to rest or take a shower especially when one has toddlers. Remind yourself that every mother has her challenges and you’re doing the best you can.

  1. Avoid People Who Cause You Guilt

Relatives and friends can make your life difficult by insisting that you should be a stay at home mom. None of these people should influence your decision. Find a way to avoid these people.

As a woman, taking time out and appreciating yourself as a working mum is essential. Follow the above tips to avoid the working mum guilt.

How Working Moms Drive The Economy

There are many economic trends occurring. One of these trends making a great impact on the economy today is the number of women in the workforce. In fact, the percentage of women who were of working age and have full-time jobs went from 28.6 percent to 40.7 percent since 1979. With mothers, the percentage has gone from 27.3 percent to 44.1 percent. Also, women are not only working, but they are holding positions with great responsibility like CEO and other board positions. The reports where these statistics also found that had women’s involvement in the workforce stayed the same, it would have caused the economy to decrease by 11 percent which would have been about 1.7 trillion dollars lost in economic output. Due to these changes in our society, we see that working mothers are becoming a crucial piece in our economy.


In their own families, mothers contribute to nearly forty percent to the household’s income, and with poorer families, this number increases to eighty-six percent of the total income. This statistic can be due to women’s presence in the workforce vastly increasing as the years go by. This shows that women’s wages have been sustaining family incomes because the incomes of men have stagnated. In fact, men’s median income was seven percent lower in 2013 than it was in 1973. It seems that families are doing better when the mother is working. The median income of married-couple families where the mother is in the labor force has increased by twenty-seven percent between 1987 and 2013. When the woman was the head of the household during that same period, the median income of those families increased by about seventeen percent. The benefits this exposes is clear when comparing to the five percent decline in median income that married-couple families faced when the mother stayed at home.  


It is good to know that in the United States, this change is gaining more traction, especially when comparing it to a country like Japan. According to the International Monetary Fund, due to its failure to integrate women into the workforce, they have been unable to escape their economic slump. Now, there is still much work to be done. The Center for American Progress says that if more women worked, the US could be stronger. Currently, about one-third of all women and one-quarter of all mothers do not work. There are many structural reasons for this, but with all the data that shows how beneficial women in the workforce boost our economy hopefully, there is a change in this dynamic. With the implementation of a strong parental leave policy that would allow women paid time off after having children, it could influence more women to not only join the workforce but stay as well.

Postpartum Workouts for You & Your Baby

A great way for mothers and their babies to bond is through light workouts. Before you begin, make sure both you and your baby will be comfortable and safe with your selected workout.
A great way for mothers and their babies to bond is through light workouts. Before you begin, make sure both you and your baby will be comfortable and safe with your selected workout.

If you’re a recent mother, it’s no secret to you that time can be a bit tight. Between changing diapers, cooking, cleaning and working, it’s hard to even imagine there being time for exercise much less actually putting aside the time to do it. If only there were ways to overlap some of duties that didn’t involve cooking while changing diapers or breastfeeding at the gym. Fortunately, there is a solution: you can work out while bonding with your baby. There are some safe and effective workouts that you can do with your baby that will not only help you strengthen your muscles, they’ll help you strengthen your bond with your child. Take a look at some of the workouts you can do while keeping in mind your baby’s limitations as well as your own.

  • Wall Sits: Stand with your back against the wall with your heels about a foot from the wall, holding your baby’s face out wit his back and head against your stomach and chest for support. Bend your knees as if you were sitting – without extending your knees past your toes – and hold for 10 seconds before slowly standing back up. Try to work up to ten reps.
  • Chest Press: Lying on your back with your feet on the ground, hold your baby against your chest and slowly raise your arms to lift your baby in the air above you. Hold for ten seconds, then slowly bring your baby back down. Try to repeat this 10 times.
  • Planks: This move will work out your entire body, targeting the triceps, upper back, core abdominals, and buttocks. Start out on your hands and knees with your baby on his back under you. Lower your forearms until they’re flat on the floor with your shoulders directly above them. Then slide your knees back about a foot while keeping your back level and your abs tight. Hold for 30 seconds, eventually working up to 2 minutes. Bonus: sing your baby’s favorite nursery rhyme while you hold the pose.
  • Lunges: Stand straight up while holding your baby to your chest. Take a big step forward with your left leg and bend until both knees are at a 90 degree angle. Make sure you don’t extend the front knee beyond your toes. Push off with your back leg and bring your feet together, then repeat with your right leg.
  • Roll-Back Crunches: Sit with your knees bent and your feet under a piece of heavy furniture for support. Have your baby sitting on your lap with his back and head supported by your thighs. Make sure to hold him securely before rocking back a few inches until you can feel your abs tighten. Hold this pose for 10 seconds, slowly bring yourself up into the starting position, and repeat 10 times.
  • Taking the stairs is a great means of exercise. Try holding your baby in front of you and walking up and down the steps for 10 minutes.
    Taking the stairs is a great means of exercise. Try holding your baby in front of you and walking up and down the steps for 10 minutes.

    Stairs: If you live in a residence that has a staircase, try taking the steps with your baby. Hold him in front of you and walk up and down the stairs for 10 minutes. You’ll really be able to feel the burn from this one.

  • Dance: This workout is great if you’re feeling tired or stressed. Hold your baby close to you – use a carrier as needed – and put on some music that you love and start dancing, all while keeping your abs tight. Be careful not to bounce or turn too quickly while holding your baby. You can also put your baby in a bouncy seat or swing and dance around him using big movements and maintaining eye contact.

If your baby is still too young to participate in any of these mommy-and-me exercises but you want to break a sweat, try bringing your baby with you on a walk or a hike. Put your baby in his stroller and take him out for a walk. When your baby reaches 6 months, you can also put him in a jogging stroller and take him for a light run. If you’re hiking, bring your baby in a front carrier, making sure he’s well supported. You can also use a sling or a backpack if your baby can support himself, but make sure whatever your choose doesn’t strain your neck, shoulders, or back.

Working Moms and Their Children

Working mothers face a lot of scrutiny. They’re expected to still remain the primary caretakers of their children on top of having a job, either full or part time. Working mothers often get asked questions like, “How do you balance work and family?” and “Who watches the kids while you’re away?,” questions rarely – if ever – asked of the father. While working mothers often feel the burden of guilt over choosing to have a career, they should feel guilty no more. Working moms, rejoice! New psychological studies have found that working mothers tend to have happier children than stay-at-home moms while also being happier themselves.

There are ever-growing amounts of research saying that helicopter parenting harms kids more than it helps them. A study of college students found that children given their independence report satisfaction, better health, and confidence as young adults, where children of helicopter parents are more likely to experience anxiety, depression, and self-doubt in their decisions. In fact, according to a University of Michigan study, the amount of time that parents – both mothers and fathers – spend with their children before their teenage years has little to no impact on the child’s performance socially, academically, or emotionally.

In fact, it’s not until the child’s teenage years that more time spend with a parent can help reduce delinquency. What actually makes a difference in the children’s lives is income: family income is a much bigger predictor of whether or not a child will have successful development than the amount of time spent with parents. This isn’t to say that people who are rich will have better kids, but rather higher household income for each income bracket correlates to better child development. An economically stable environment is more important in a child’s development than having a parent constantly present. So, working moms, if you’re working to give your child a better life, keep it up. You’re doing the right thing.

Mothers who work at least part time are happier and have better health overall as compared to stay-at-home moms.
Mothers who work at least part time are happier and have better health overall as compared to stay-at-home moms.

On top of having happier children, working mothers themselves are also happier than their stay-at-home counterparts. A study from the American Psychological Association said that mothers who are employed part time report fewer symptoms of depression and better overall health than mothers who stay at home with their children.

Moms, enjoy spending time with your children, but also enjoy taking time for yourself. Your children will thank you for it, and you’ll thank yourself.

Housekeeping Tips For Working Moms

Knowing that you have to go home after work to cook, clean, do everything for the children and get yourself settled for the night can be extremely overwhelming. It may seem like this is too much to accomplish all in one night and still be able to have time for yourself and be able to get some sleep. It may seem like this because it is true. So don’t do this. Follow these tips to help make your life easier and keep your house cleaner.

Pick one day a week to do a major cleaning

Instead of coming home and having cleaning be part of your nightly routine, pick one day a week to do a major cleaning. Sunday is usually great for this because most families spend Sunday relaxing and spending time at home. It’s the perfect time to get the entire family involved in cleaning so that it doesn’t all fall directly on you and it doesn’t make it as overwhelming.

Do one load of laundry each day

Laundry doesn’t have to be this daunting thing that you should dread doing. Rather, it’s something that can just be a part of your daily routine that won’t take up much time. Before you leave for work throw a load in the washing machine. When you get home dry and fold the clothes. This breaks up the time that you’re doing the laundry and doesn’t make it seem as much as a time sucker.


What is more important to you: cooking, cleaning, laundry, spending time with your family, sleep, or driving your kids around to their activities? These are just a few of the many things that families have to do. However, you really can’t do it all. That’s where prioritizing comes in. What is most important to you? Since not everything can get done you have to decide what’s most important to get done when. If you don’t then it’s likely that nothing will get done.

Meal prepping

Many people who are trying to be healthy have found that meal prepping is one of the best ways to do so. While it does help you eat healthier, it also can help you save time during your week. On Sunday spend some time, whether is alone, with your husband or with your entire family, cooking meals for the rest of the week. There are many different recipes out there to follow. You can switch up what you’re eating every day without having to buy so many different things, too. While meal prepping does take up some time on one day of the week, you save a significantly amount of time every other day. Check out some recipes here and here.

Another great idea for cooking is to buy, and use, a crockpot. The beauty of a crockpot is that you can throw all of the ingredients into the pot in the morning before work and come back to a hot, delicious and already prepared dinner! Check out some recipes here.

Live by these 7 rules:

  1. “Put it away, don’t put it down.”
  2. “A place for everything and everything in its place.”
  3. “A clean house is easier to clean than a messy house.”
  4. “Kids need chores appropriate for their age.”
  5. “Plan, plan, plan – and make a list!”
  6. “Create a routine and stick to it.”
  7. “Don’t wait till the last minute to start a chore. Do it ahead of time.”

Apps for Working Moms


A working mom’s life isn’t easy. From balancing work to family life to a personal life and everything in between, things can get complicated and forgotten. That’s where technology comes in. If you are a working mother, or even a stay-at-home mother, and don’t have these apps then you are doing yourself a disservice. Download these apps to make your life easier, save time and be more organized so that you can have more time to spend with your family and focus on your career.


This note taking app allows you to easily organize and archive everything that you write down. Not only can you type out notes but you can also include images, a full webpage, a webpage excerpt, a voice memo or a handwritten “ink” note in your notes. You can even have attachments on your notes. When it comes to organizing your notes you can add them to notebooks, which is a collection of notes, tag them, annotate them, comment on them, search for a specific note and even download notebooks or specific notes directly to your phone. This app makes organizing everything that you need and want to remember extremely easy and allows you to keep everything in one place.

Google Drive

Google Drive makes sure that you never lose something or run out of memory on your phone or computer again. All you have to do is ensure that your photos, contacts, videos, notes, etc. back up to the cloud and then you can have easy access to all of it, wherever you are.

Grocery Gadget Shopping List

While this app does cost $3.99, it’s worth every penny. On this app you are able to create multiple shopping lists for different stores. You can match coupons to the items that are on your list and even compare prices across different stores so you don’t end up paying more than you should and you know where to go, without having to do a bunch of research or run back and forth between stores. This app really helps you save time and money. There is also a helpful sync feature that allows you to share your lists with anyone who has the app so you can make sure that whoever is doing the shopping knows exactly what to get.


Mint is a personal finance service. The app shows you all of your accounts- checking, saving, credit and investments- and automatically tracks and categorizes all of your transactions. You can choose your categories, such as food, rent and clothing, depending on where you spend most of your money. Mint is a very handy app to have as it helps ensure that you maintain your monthly budget.


Imagine that you’re reading something and you’re really interested in it but don’t have time to read it at the moment. Don’t worry about forgetting where you found this interesting article any more. Pocket allows you to save links to read for later. You can use it on your computer’s browser, your phone’s browser and even on Twitter.